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  • Testing, Adjusting, and Balancing of HVAC system according to International Standards.

  • Built-in TAB forms according to International Standards.

  • Ability to change the tolerance as per International Standards.

  • Practical user experience, excel-like feeling.

  • Ability to use your own Excel and Word forms if needed.

  • Ability to use Excel and Word formatting and features.

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Proof is Engineering Software designed to be practical

  • Room Criteria (RC) value and sound quality (Neutral, Tone, Vibration, Rumble &/or Hiss) will be determined automatically according to the measured sound pressure level in the eight-octave bands from 31.5 to 4000 Hz.

  • As well as for Noise Criteria (NC)

  • Built-in AHU sketch drawings.

  • Can Upload any AHU/PAC sketch photo for static profile

  • Ability to generate CAD drawings for the Duct Traverse locations and dimensions.

  • Rules for Duct Traverse and Auto calculate the distance between the readings according to international Standards.

  • Add/remove duct traverse as per site situation.

  • Auto calculates the equivalent duct diameter and effective duct length (as per AMCA).

  • Tracking of Commissioning Documentation.

  • Ability to upload Commissioning/project documents through links into the software.

  • Tracking of Pre-Commissioning and Commissioning activities.

  • Create and manage the issue logs.

  • Custom Branding; Upload your logo to the header

  • Ability to use, 1, 2, and up to 5 logos in the report header.

  • Specific color and font type (if requested*) for each T&C Firm

  • View History of each sync point

  • Duplicate Unit/s.

  • Work Online & Offline.

  • Export and Import Project and unit.

  • Import PDF files.

  • Completion percentage calculated automatically.

  • Developed by engineers to engineers.

  • Multi user synchronization

  • & More & More :)

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